About US

When I say “us” I really mean me and the business Arundel TV.

Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed fixing things. I get a real sense of satisfaction and joy when I am able to bring something back to “life”. When My customers are happy then my job is done. I am blessed to have a job that I truly enjoy.

At  Arundel TV & Video, my mission is to provide, easy access to home electronics repairs.I personally guarantee it.

                                                     * CAll :  410-757-2592 *

We offer  in-home and walk in (by appointment only) service on most BRANDS of TV’s.

Broken LED,LCD and plasma screens cannot be repaired !!

The only option is to replace the screen and the price is consistently MORE than a new TV…please do not call unless you want to donate the set for recycling.


  • Portable TV’s
  • Large screen/Wide Screen TV’s
  • Projection TV / Direct view                                                                       
  • Plasma / LCD / LED
  • HDTV
  • 4K
  • OLED



  • House call – estimate fee for local area – $90.00
  • Pickup and Delivery -$125.00
  • Walk in estimate – $55.00  (required as a deposit)
  • Install -$90 …need your new TV installed and hooked up.


RECYCLING-—–We recycle Flat-Panel televisions .

 We will dispose your TV of properly. Sometimes parts can be re-used.


                  *Many  TV’s can be fixed “in home” the same day !!!  *

Call for more info @ 410-757-2592